We aim to make art accessible to everyone, irrespective of income, experience, ability or age.  Our approach encourages the exploration of individual ways of making and seeing art. Our classes and workshops nurture creativity, curiosity and a range of developmental skills.

Our Art Education Sponsorship Fund provides the following:


Nurture Groups

Working closely with the teachers we offer 10 students from Wendell Park Primary School the opportunity to attend Kite Studios for 18 sessions a year (spread over 3 terms) to explore creative projects in various mediums from clay, to drawing and print making.

Working with Wendell Park Primary School has thus proven to be a great success and we are now keen to extend the programme to other local schools. We hope to raise enough funds this year to introduce the project to Flora Gardens Primary School and to continue with both schools indefinitely.

The Fund offers:

2 x schools

10 x students per school

100% funded for 1 year (3 x terms)



Wall Mural Projects

We work with schools to produce large outdoor wall mural projects. The last one took place at Derwent Primary School and we are currently working with Miles Coverdale Primary School to produce an exciting new project there. Unfortunately the school’s funding for this has been cut from the budget and so we are seeking:

£1000 support towards the fund to make this happen.

Individual Sponsorship


We provide subsidised places at our after school art classes for children who would not otherwise be able to afford to attend. This is particularly beneficial for primary school children in Years 4 and 5 (8-10 year olds) to help them build their confidence as they prepare for the transition to secondary school. It also allows children to apply to secondary schools that have places reserved for pupils with an existing art portfolio.

The Fund offers:

1 x 100% funded place for 3 years, awarded on merit annually.



1 x 50% funded place for 1 year (3 x terms)



1 x 50% funded place for 1 term




It is our ambition to increase the fund to enable us to subsidise the cost for an individual adult to take part in one of our creative workshops at Kite.

1 X 50% funded place for 1 year



The criteria for securing individual sponsorship for you or your child is, however, based upon financial need and the outcome of an interview. If you would like to be considered for the Sponsorship Fund, please contact auriol@kitestudios.org.

Holiday Workshops

In Summer 2018 we will be holding 7 weeks worth of workshops which help us in spanning various art disciplines ranging from pottery to screen printing. Each day is a different project catering for two age groups:

4-7 years 1.5 hour workshop

8-14 years 3 hour workshop 

This year we aim to give 7 free sessions to a child who would not otherwise be able to take part.

7  x 100% sessions



Your Support

The work undertaken by Kite Studios through our Arts Education Sponsorship Fund is entirely funded by Kite Arts CIC. What we have accomplished so far has been a great success but our costs are exceeding our ambition. Our aim now is to ensure the Fund is sustainable and the programme is able to grow and to reach more people. This will only be possible with your generous support.

Please do consider supporting our Sponsorship Fund by making a donation, or by attending the Kite Studios Winter Event on the 24th of November. It will be a lovely opportunity to get creative for the afternoon, or simply to attend the event in the evening and enjoy a curry and glass of wine with good music and company in our creative oasis.

We are grateful for donations of any size.

For more information please contact auriol@kitestudios.org.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years.