In brief

We host art themed, creative parties and group events for adults. Get your hands messy and get creative! If you’re celebrating an anniversary, pre-wedding event, birthday, family reunion or simply want to get a group of friends together for a fun filled creative day, afternoon or evening, we have a range of activities that are guaranteed to be a memorable experience for all. To top it all off you will each be making unique, personalised art pieces.

Times and Duration

Available for booking on most weekends. Duration of your event is flexible; two hours is our most popular option.


We offer pottery and printmaking themed parties and events.

Printmaking includes screen printing and/ or using etching press to make prints on Fabriano paper or heat pressing onto textiles. Pottery themed parties and events include three activities: try your hand at the potter’s wheel, make a small sculpture or tile and glaze a mug.  No previous experience necessary, we take everyone through the process step by step.


Two hour long Art Party: £35 per person on Saturday or Sunday

Two hour long Pottery Party: £40 per person on Saturday or Sunday.

For a group of fewer than 10 people, it is £60 per hour for the first person, £18 per hour for each additional person.


We work in partnership with caterers who are able to provide you with a wide range of seasonal menus. Please contact us for options and pricing. Pre-booking essential.

What We Do

The sessions are run by teachers who love what they do. We engage with everyone throughout the sessions, demonstrating, helping, teaching and assisting as required. Our primary focus is to make sure that each and every person has a great time, a good laugh and comes away with warm memories of a lovely shared experience! Kite Studios have always held, and stand by the belief, that creativity and exploration matter as much to adults as they do to children. Adult art parties and events provide an excellent opportunity to explore your creative side in an engaging and fun way, surrounded by your friends and family.

Printmaking themed parties

Printing with etching press or silk screen printing: everyone takes home their own unique piece of artwork, made on high quality Fabriano paper, all ready for you to frame. You will also make one large collaborative piece, approximately A1 size. We can provide a frame for this piece if booked ahead (there is an additional cost). This makes a perfect, unique gift, with memories of the day, created by everyone in your group together.

Printing using transfer paper and heat press: Print onto textiles. Perfect for hen parties. Included in the price are your choice of basic tee-shirts (you can also bring your own) or small draw string bags which are perfect for make up bags, pencil cases or as pouches for electronic devices. You can create your own images using silk screen printing or bring on USB/ email digital images, which can be arranged into a collage.

Laser cut wedding favours: Design your own wedding favours / keyrings and cut on our Glowforge laser cutter.

When will it be ready?

Art pieces created at the printmaking party are ready to take away with you as soon as the ink has dried – on the day.

Pottery themed parties

Ghost anyone? (Patrick Swayze not included). Come prepared to get messy and have a great time. Create gifts, functional items for the home or mementos for posterity. Pottery themed parties include three activities: have a go on the potter’s wheel, make a tile or small sculpture and glaze a mug.

The mugs will be glaze fired, so that they are food safe, shiny and colourful, ready to remind you of the special day every time you have your morning tea or coffee! Everyone’s tile or sculpture and the wheel thrown pot will be bisque fired (fired once). They come out changed to ceramic, so they will not be affected by contact with water.


Tiles: For the DIY inclined, make a home project or garden party of mounting the tiles on a board, to give as a unique collaborative gift. Or have them mounted separately in box frames. Or make the tiles with holes, so that they can be hung up like pictures. Alternatively use adhesive disc plate hangers. Attach felt or adhesive bumper stops and make them into coasters.*

Small sculptures: of the bride and groom and their family and friends (Super fun!!). Food and drinks. Or a managarie of animals for animal lovers. Make small sculptures representing your favourite holiday destination, your job, favourite sport, home, car or furniture. Create sculptures of each other at the party. They will be bisque fired for you. Take these home and paint with oils or acrylics or bake on in the oven paints. Give as a gift to mount as a tableau on your mantlepiece or a shelf.*

The potter’s wheel: this part is a fun experience. Not everyone can expect to become Greyson Perry in a day! But you can try. Have fun, get messy, challenge each other and give it a go. You will make a small pot and we will fire it.

Glazing: If you would like to come back to glaze the work you made on the pottery wheel or your sculptures, we offer Pottery Glaze and Fire Independent sessions as £15 per person per hour, where you can paint your creations with a wide selection of bright coloured glazes and have these glaze fired, so that they come out colourful, glassy and shiny.

* Clay and one firing only included in the party price. Extras such as oil and acrylic paint, bake on in the oven ceramic paint, mounting board, shelf, PVA glue, picture hanging wire, picture box frames, adhesive disc plate hangers, felt or self adhesive bumper stops for tiles not included.

When will it be ready?

Clay work takes time to dry and be fired. It will be ready to collect in one month (4 weeks). Be sure to book far enough ahead if you would like the pieces to be ready to give as a gift on a specific date. We are unable to fire it faster.

You will be issued an ID number, which will be used to track the artwork made by everyone at your party. You are welcome to contact us at any time, quoting this number, and we will be able to tell you if your work is ready to collect. For parties of more than ten people, we will call or email the person who booked the party to let you know when your work is ready. Please be sure to provide current contact details and please get in touch if these change while you are waiting to hear from us. If you don’t hear within six weeks, please contact us.


Please get in touch to check pottery collection times. And please come in to collect your work within two months of your pottery party. As we have limited storage space, we are unable to provide storage for longer. We will not be getting in touch to let you know when the storage time period has elapsed.

Who Hosts the Session

We draw from a pool of our team members, all of whom are practicing artists and experienced art and pottery teachers, whose specialty matches your chosen medium and activities .