These class are for learners between the ages of 7 and 18.

Times and Duration

These classes can be taught as a once-off session, on a recurring basis or at random by arrangement. Contact us for more information regarding areas of learning, pricing and scheduling.

What We Do

The After School Art Clubs are seen as a Kite Studios class away from the studio in the comfort and familiarity of the school environment. The classes are still as jam-packed with fun, creativity, exploration and discovery. If not more so. The concept behind the classes is that they serve as an addition to the pre-existing art program being carried out at school. We believe that this is important for the lack of attention that art receives in school, generally speaking. Kite Studios take great pride in ensuring that the classes taught in our After School Art Club aligns closely with what we do in the studio to ensure that learners benefit from a fully immersive creative experience. Ideally, we’d like the classes we provide at schools to stimulate interest in artistic subjects and areas of study. Finally, we want the learners to have fun, engage, be social and to enjoy every minute of the time that they get to spend being creative and letting their minds wander.

Who Teaches the Class

These classes are taught by different staff depending on the class.