Kite Studios offers bespoke and private tuition in pottery, drawing, painting and printmaking which is suitable for adults and children (ages 3 and above).

Times, Duration & Booking

Bespoke tuition can be booked online, over email or the phone. Please follow the link on the right hand side to view the range of private classes currently available.  The duration of a bespoke session can be from 1 hour to 3 hours. If you don’t see a date or time to suit you, or would like to book for a flexible duration which is not available online, please get in touch. We have many flexible options.

What we do

The fine art studio

We have a fully equipped fine art studio, offering private tution in drawing, painting, printmaking and use of our laser cutter and heat press. Use of our equipment and shared basic art materials are all included in the price of each class.

As the very nature of these classes is to offer flexibitity and a wide range of options to suit you and your personal interests, please contact us to discuss what will be included in the price and if there is anything you may need to purchase or bring to your session to achieve your project brief. We work with a team of experienced art teachers, many of whom are practicing artists, to provide you with professional tuition amd skills development to suit your needs and open your mind to creative possibilities.

Bespoke fine art classes available:

Painting and Drawing Tuition.

The pottery studio

The Great British Pottery Throwdown on the BBC has sparked a renewed interest in pottery for many people. We have been teaching pottery classes since 2011 in our fully equipped, established pottery studio. Our aim is to provide a fun, high quality pottery experience right in the heart of Shepherd’s Bush, West London.

At the studio we collaborate with ceramic artists and designers to teach throwing (working on the potter’s wheel), handbuilding (coiling, slab, clay sculpture, press moulding and slip casting), decorating with slips and glazing. Slips, glazes, clay and associated tools are provided. You can also book private tuition for professional development, such as learning about glaze technology and glazing techniques, mouldmaking and slip casting or firings and use of electric kilns.

The bespoke classes can be on a one-to-one basis (a private teacher and exclusive studio use to yourself) or on a one-to-many basis (you and a group of friends and/or family and/or company/ business team of colleagues with a private teacher and exclusive studio use to your group).  In the session you get individual attention to develop your pottery skills.

These classes are a stimulating way for learners and artists at any level (from beginners to advanced) to hone their pottery skills.

Our tutors have years of experience in an assortment of pottery projects and with their own passion for the medium. The direction of each class is determined by the leaner in line with what they aim to achieve. If you have any specific area of interest, please come ready with some ideas. Let your creativity bloom in these specifically crafted, personal and fun classes.

Bespoke pottery classes available:

Throwing on the Wheel Experience.

Suitable for beginners as well as anyone with experience in pottery and ceramics. This class includes private tuition in learning how to make pots on the potter’s wheel. All materials and tools are provided for use during the class, as well as aprons and towels. If you would like to have the work you made fired, firing fees are extra. Typically booked in hourly time slots, the most popular being two hours.

Throw Pot and Bisque Fire.

Suitable for beginners as well as anyone with experience in pottery and ceramics. Same as the Throwing on the Wheel Experience, but also includes having two pieces per person bisque fired (the first firing, which turns your pots into ceramics). Bisque fired work is ready for glazing, but can also be painted with acrylics, oils or bake-on-in-the-oven ceramic paints at home. Typically booked in hourly time slots, the most popular being two hours.

Throw Pot and Slip Decorate.

Suitable for beginners as well as anyone with experience in pottery and ceramics. Same as Throw a pot and Bisque Fire, but with a half an hour extra to decorate the work you made on the wheel with slips. Slips are coloured clays. We have a wide range of colours, which turn out a little like pastels or pastel coloured acrylic paints. These allow you to personalise your work further and add a colourful dimention to your pottery. We will then glaze the work for you with transparent glaze so that it comes out shiny and delicious, food safe and water proof. Minimum booking 1.5 hours (1 hour for throwing and 30 minutes for slip decorating).

Bespoke tuition in pottery

Suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Also professional development for artists, designers and art teachers. Do you have a particular project you would like to make? Need extra skills in one particular area of ceramics? We work with a team of experienced teachers and ceramics professionals and can offer tailored tuition in hand building (coiling, slab, clay sculpture), slip casting, press moulding, mould making, throwing specialist forms and throwing large, glazing, glaze technology and the operation of kilns and firing cycles. We can provide advice on specialist products that you may need to complete your project. We also offer firing services to select clients and will be expanding our service in the near future. Booking in one hour blocks, up to a maximum of 3 hours per session.

When booking, please fill in details of your project and requirements in the “notes” field and/or contact us to discuss your needs.

Pottery Glaze and Fire Independent

Come in to glaze your work yourself. All you need is bisque fired work completed in one of our other pottery classes. Includes ten minutes instruction in glazing and use of a wide range of coloured brush on glazes. We provide glazes, aprons, brushes and everything you need. Work glazed will come out shiny, glassy, colourful and food safe. For beginners and intermediate level of skill, booked in one hour blocks. Flexible dates and times, however exclusive studio use is not guaranteed. Children must be accompanied for duration of the session.

Independent Pottery

For experienced adult potters only and anyone currently/ formerly enrolled in one of our adult pottery studio term time courses. Open pottery studio access for anyone wishing to work independently on their own project. Clay and firings available for purchase. If it is your first independent pottery session, you will need to book an induction.

Contact us

Any questions? If you would like to discuss your project before booking, feel free to email us or call 020 8576 6278. Our office hours at reception are Monday and Tuesday 9am-5pm and Wednesday to Friday 9am-3pm. The studios are open after hours and on weekends for classes, so if you would like to come in and meet our teachers or see a class in action, please call to arrange a suitable time.

Who teaches the classes

The classes are taught by members of our pottery and fine arts teams, whose specialty is in your area of interest.