This activities taking place in the Children’s Pottery Studio are intended for learners four years and older.

Times and Duration

We offer a wide range of classes and courses in the Children’s Pottery Studio running on week days and on weekends. We have term-long after-school courses running during school terms, and holiday workshops for in between. Please see the Term Time & Holidays link above for a full list of Term Time courses and a link to our Holiday Workshops.

There are also many options for private and bespoke classes that children can attend with their parents, on their own or with friends and family. We also offer pottery themed birthday parties! For a list of the classes that fall under the Children’s Pottery Studio umbrella, please see the details below. Classes are age appropriate, with shorter classes available for younger children. Bespoke classes are available for booking in 1 hour blocks, so that you can choose the class duration that is best for your child.

What we do

The Children’s Pottery Studio is to do with learning about and exploring all things clay. (Warning: getting messy is involved!!) We offer classes that include learning to work on the potter’s wheel as well in creating sculptural work, where imagination is the limit (something that young minds have in abundance).

Our Children’s Pottery Studio is at the core of Kite Studios’ ethos, encapsulating our belief that creativity and confidence are sustained and moulded greatly through the sense of touch.

While the outcome of finished pieces helps motivate students, our focus is on engaging everyone in the process while having fun in a relaxed, informal and inspirational environment. Our Children’s Pottery Studio presents a great opportunity for students to build a sense of character while exploring their creativity and allowing free rein to give physical form to their imaginations. The opportunity to work in three dimentions in such a versatile medium teaches observational, coordination and hand skills, honing young inquisitive minds. Using this fun, hands-on and tactile medium keeps children’s interest engaged while providing an awsome creative outlet.

The classes and courses we offer include:

Create in Clay with the Pottery Wheel course

These are term long courses, with after school classes, running during term time

Clay Camp

Holiday workshops in working on the pottery wheel, hand building and sculpting in clay, running during half term and school holidays.

Holiday Workshops

Holiday workshops in mixed media, including clay. Using clay in a sculptural way to explore artistic creativity.

Bespoke Classes

Private classes. Have your own teacher and exclusive use of the studio. Choose your own project or pick from the wide variety we have to offer. Can be attended by children on their own or with their friends and families. We offer the Throwing on the Wheel Experience, Throw a Pot & Bisque Fire, Throw a Pot & Slip Decorate and Pottery Glaze & Fire Independent (for glazing work that needs it. For this one you will need an adult along).

Pottery themed birthday parties

Available on weekends. Invite the whole class or just your besties. Super messy super fun. Everyone will definitely have a great time, a unique party everyone will remember. Make an appointment to come in and see us, check out the venue and meet our pottery team.

Classes Delivered at Schools

We bring pottery fun to you! Not everyone has the facilities, and we don’t want anyone to miss out.

Any questions?

Call or email us.

Want to join a course but term has already started?

No problem! Join any time (except the final week of term. That is our show and share event!)

Can I try it out first?

We offer trial classes in any course to help decide if you like it before you commit.

Who teaches the classes

The Children’s Pottery Studio is taught by members of our Pottery Team, many of whom are practicing ceramic artists and potters.