Fri Ages 11+ yrs Pottery for Homeschoolers, 14:00 – 15:00 | 06 Nov – 11 Dec



These one-hour classes are perfect for children aged 11+ years. Each child will have their own work station and pottery wheel, due to the smaller class sizes and this more intensive style of learning can be better in smaller chunks for our youngest potters.

Times and Duration

This course runs in Block 2 of the Autumn Term 2020. Each class is one hour long and runs every Friday from 2pm to 3pm during term time, for a duration 6 weeks, starting after half term on 6th November 2020.

What We Do

Pottery for Homeschoolers is a very inclusive course, led with sensitivity and understanding, specifically designed to meet the needs of home schooled children. The course is centred on task based learning, allowing children the opportunity to develop hand building and throwing projects based around their interests.

The course aims include fostering an understanding of all the skills of working with clay, not only the actual making and glazing processes, but also the importance of good studio practice, learning about risk assessing and maintaining best practice, including tidying up and taking responsibility for their work. Children will learn and help with technical processes such as recycling and wedging clay as well as firing their work to foster an understanding of the entire discipline. Depending on the group and their interests, we can work within the framework of the Trinity College Arts Awards.

Falling under the  Create in Clay umbrella, this course is at the core of the Kite Studios’ ethos and perfectly encapsulates our belief that creativity and confidence are sustained and moulded greatly through the sense of touch. It has been designed to teach and explore all things clay. Starting from learning about design, colour and form to the very nature of clay; the way it is sculpted, the different techniques that can be used to do so, including forming clay at the potter’s wheel.

While the outcome of finished pieces helps motivate students, our focus is on engaging everyone in the process while having fun in a relaxed, informal and inspirational environment.

Each child will have full access to their own wheel and work station within this class. This mimics the set-up of our adult Intensive Throwing courses in that each child will have an individual wheel and more intensive personalised tutorage from our teachers. This smaller class size and altered classroom set up will enable us to an extremely high level of quality in the classes whilst keeping everyone safe. This also enables us to be as inclusive as possible as we are able to provide more individualised learning and support – something that will make engagement better for everyone.

If the term has already started

It is possible to register for the remainder of the course at any point in the block, depending on availability. Please contact us on 020 8576 6278 or during business hours. The purchase price will be discounted by the value of the classes already run. The course price displayed on this site is for the entire block. Please note that this course cannot be attended on a drop-in basis (you must pay for the entire remainder of the course to reserve your child’s place).

Who Teaches the Course

The course is taught by Davide Gevonese and Madeline Hall.

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