Fri Ages 4 to 8 Pottery for Homeschoolers (Trial Class) 14:00 – 15:00

From: £15.00


This is a one-off trial class for the Spring Term 2020 Pottery for Homeschoolers course on Fridays.  This course is for learners between the ages of 4 and 8.

Try one class

This is an opportunity for each learner to try one class to help decide if they would like to participate in the course for the rest of the term. There is only one trial class allocated per learner per term in this course.

This trial class can be seen as an introduction to the activities that will be covered in the course. Your child is welcome to attend a trial class at any point in the term, except in the final week of the course, when we have our show and share event. Please note that it is not possible to attend this course on a drop-in basis.

Times and Duration

This is a one-off, one hour long class on a Friday afternoon, from 2pm to 3pm during term time. The Pottery for Homeschoolers course runs for a duration of 10 to 13 weeks, depending on the length of the school term. There is a break at half term. The schedule can be found on our term timetable (please see Term Time & Holidays link above).

What We Do

Pottery for Homeschoolers is a very inclusive course, led with sensitivity and understanding, specifically designed to meet the needs of home schooled children. The course is centred on task based learning, allowing children the opportunity to develop hand building and throwing projects based around their interests.

The course aims include fostering an understanding of all the skills of working with clay, not only the actual making and glazing processes, but also the importance of good studio practice, learning about risk assessing and maintaining best practice, including tidying up and taking responsibility for their work. Children will learn and help with technical processes such as recycling and wedging clay as well as firing their work to foster an understanding of the entire discipline. Depending on the group and their interests, we can work within the framework of the Trinity College Arts Awards.

Falling under the  Create in Clay umbrella, this course is at the core of the Kite Studios’ ethos and perfectly encapsulates our belief that creativity and confidence are sustained and moulded greatly through the sense of touch. It has been designed to teach and explore all things clay. Starting from learning about design, colour and form to the very nature of clay; the way it is sculpted, the different techniques that can be used to do so, including forming clay at the potter’s wheel.

While the outcome of finished pieces helps motivate students, our focus is on engaging everyone in the process while having fun in a relaxed, informal and inspirational environment. Students are encouraged to select pieces for further development. The Pottery for Homeschoolers course presents a great opportunity for students to build a sense of character while also exploring their creativity and allowing free rein to give physical form to their imaginations.

Included in the Trial Class price

The price for one-off trial classes include the cost of all materials, use of shared tools, towels and aprons during each class. Paper and shared drawing materials are also provided. The work your child makes during their trial class can be taken away as is at the end of the class. Once the clay dries it will be very brittle. We suggest you paint it with PVA glue if you would like to stop it from creating dust in your home. The trial class price does not include having the work fired (please see below for pricing).

Please note that this is only an one-hour long class. It may depend on which session during the course that your child attends, whether he or she will actually have a finished piece ready to fire. Most ceramic work requires more time to make (is created over several sessions) or the particular class you choose may be focusing on one of the processes in working with clay, such as clay recycling, or on designing a piece, rather than actually making something. Please look on this class as an opportunity for your child to experience part of the process of working with clay, the facilities and the atmosphere of the class, rather than focusing on a results based appraisal.

Not included in the Trial Class price

If your child/ children cannot commit to attending the rest of the course, but you would like to have the work they made in the trial class fired, the costs are as follows:

£5 for up to two pots / pieces

Have the bases of thrown pots tidied, and your child’s name inscribed. The work is bisqued (fired once), so that it will become ceramic ie no longer liable to crumbling away or turning back into mushy clay if splashed with water. Bisqued work can be painted at home with poster paints, acrylic paints or bake-on-in-the-oven ceramic paints.

£10 for up to two pots / pieces

Have the bases of thrown pots tidied, and your child’s name inscribed. The work is bisqued (first firing) and then dipped in transparent glaze and glaze fired. It will be waterproof and shiny, with a glassy coating.

IMPORTANT: These fees need to be paid at the end of the class, by cash or card, before you and your child/ children leave our premises. We will not store unfinished work if the firing fees are unpaid. Please note that these prices are per two pieces/ pots and it is not £2.50 per pot.

£15 per person per hour

Purchase the £5 bisque firing option and then book online for a Pottery Glaze and Fire Independent session for one month after the trial class. This option will allow you to come back with your child at any time convenient to you, to glaze the work. We will provide a colourful selection of brush on glazes. All children must be accompanied, as this is not a formal class. Includes the price of having up to two pots/ pieces glaze fired, so they come out shiny, glassy and waterproof. Space in the kiln for extra pots/ pieces can be purchased at £5 per two pots/pieces.

When will work made in the Trial Class be ready?

If you have paid for firing, your child’s work will be ready to collect one month after the trial class, and will be stored in our studio for no longer than three months after the class date.

You will be issued with an ID number. Please be sure to contact us when one month has elapsed and quote your ID number. Unfortunately due to the administrative load of this task we are unable to contact everyone individually when the work is ready to collect or when the storage period has elapsed.

Please also put your ID number in the notes field if booking the Pottery Glaze and Fire Independent session online.

Who Teaches the Course

The course is taught by Davide Gevonese.