GCSE and A-Level Portfolio Projects, 17:15 – 19:15 | Spring 2022

If you would like to join part way through a block of classes, get in touch with reception to make sure you only pay for the classes remaining in your block.

Spring Term: 10th January to 28th March (Half Term 14th February)

Time: 17.15 – 19.15

Ages: GCSE / A Level
Teacher: Anna Curtz Price/ Antonia Bell
Venue: Kite Studios

The GCSE and A-Level Portfolio Projects group is ideal for pupils working towards these qualifications or preparing to do so (Year 9 upwards). We also welcome those who simply want to pursue their interest in art. The course complements the national art curriculum and gives pupils the chance to develop their portfolio of work in our well equipped studio, with drawing from observation at the core of their explorations.

Students are invited to use the diverse range of techniques, materials, equipment and tools.
For example, we explore:
  • etching
  • screenprinting
  • ceramics
  • painting

Making use of the studios’ facilities really helps students to differentiate their work as exceptional and demonstrate their willingness to experiment.

Pupils may come with a project in mind, a specific brief or a technique that they need to practice and our teacher can adapt the lesson to suit. For example if a pupil has been asked to develop an understanding of portraiture, and we have a printmaking workshop prepared, we encourage them to use the printmaking focusing on their portrait theme. With our rich library there is always the opportunity to put work into context and relate to other artists.
Many of our past pupils have gone on to take degree in a creative field from fine art to architecture, attending prestigious courses such as Cambridge University for Architecture or Kingston Art Foundation.
They have often used Kite Studios as a springboard to create portfolios showcase their work in small exhibitions. Some pupils have also gone on to work with us as volunteers and  assistants  in workshops and found this an invaluable experience.

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