Printmaking at Home


Teacher: Sally Grumbridge
Ages: Adults
Level: Experienced printmakers and beginners are all welcome

Dates: Tues 12th Jan – Tues 9th Feb inclusive
Time: 10:00 – 11:00
Location: Zoom

Join us for a weekly online adult printmaking class:
£10 for each one-hour session
Or book all five in advance for only £40

Whilst the studios are closed we are offering a course of five one hour online classes with experienced Kite Studios Printmaking tutor, Sally Grumbridge.

This is a friendly class suitable for adults of all levels.

The aim of the course is to encourage and enable both beginners and experienced printmakers to print at home using basic materials.

For the first half of this term we shall be looking at relief printing with lino and/or card; using stencils, different relief surfaces and monotype. Work will be based around a specific theme and in addition to working on your own prints, we shall look at other artists who use the medium of print as well as basic elements of art theory, such as colour, composition and perspective.

If you do not have any specialist materials but are keen to get started, please do join us for a session; there are plenty of things you can find at home that will enable you to take your first steps towards printmaking at home.

Recommended materials:
soft roller*
water based relief ink(s)*
basic lino cutting tools*
wooden spoon, rolling pin or baren* for pulling the prints by hand
Lino or soft cut carving blocks*
card, scissors, cartridge or printing paper
pencil, ruler
Smooth hard washable surface for inking up (eg glass, acetate, flat plastic tray, formica)
newspaper, old paper scraps, rags for cleaning up
spray bottle with washing up liquid and water (50/50) for cleaning up

*simple lino printing sets are available for purchase from most online art suppliers

If you have any queries, please contact us.