Puppets – Creative Playdates


This is a one hour long *online* workshop. You only need to make one booking and you can share the link with up to three households, who will then be able to join your session, at no extra cost.

Recycling scraps of just about anything, from a net bag used for oranges to paper and pens, is always rewarding. We learn to problem solve, approach materials with patience (knotting, twisting, pulling, poking) and have fun using the bits and bobs we have at home to make quirky characters.

Materials you will need:
scrap materials /fabric if you have some
recycled plastic bags
a stick or pencil
drawing materials

Don’t have the materials? Buy a Kite Kit (minimum order x 3) with everything you need! Don’t forget to let us know when you would like to have your session – add this information to the *notes* field at checkout.