Thu Adult Pottery Studio (Trial Class) 20:00 – 22:00

From: £30.00

This is a two hour long, one-off trial class for the Thursday evening Adult Pottery Studio course running in the Spring Term 2020. In this course, we offer a self-contained course trial class on Thursday 9th January, which is in the week before the course begins. This class is open to beginners as well as anyone with experience in pottery and ceramics.

In brief…

This trial class is suitable for adult learners. The Thursday Adult Pottery Studio course is taught every Thursday evening, from 8pm to 10pm during term time, for a duration of 10 to 13 weeks, depending on the length of the school term. There is a one week break at half term. The course covers various handbuilding and throwing techniques. The schedule can be found on our term timetable (please see Term Time & Holidays link above).

This trial class is seen as an introduction to the activities that will be covered in the course over the term. Only one trial class is available per person per term. It is not possible to attend this course on a drop-in basis.

Suitable for you?

Whether you are a curious beginner, or looking for professional development to supplement your existing skill set, or an experienced artist looking to find a new working environment and friendly community in which to pursue your creativity and passion, you will be received with a warm welcome.

Class description

Joining this trial class will give you the opportunity to check out our beautiful facilities, our excellently equipped studios, meet the professional teachers and sample the friendly, open, professional creative environment Kite Studios provide.

Each trial class is designed to introduce you to the course curriculum, sample a short pottery wheel session (learn to throw a cylinder or bowl) as well as a short hand building project (learn to make pinch pots – they’re humble, but so much more satisfying and open to possibilities than you may imagine, a slab-built cup, tile, tray or a small sculpture).

Each of these projects is designed to give you a taste of what to expect during the course.  Each trial class is self contained. You can finish the hand building project during the one class, choose to have it fired, and have it to take away bisqued and/or glaze later. Work made on the pottery wheel requires a finishing process which is typically done the next day (or in the following class, if you choose to enrol in the course). We do have a range of options for everyone though, so please see below for possibilities.

Clay work does need some time to dry and be fired, so it is about 4 weeks later that it will be ready to collect. If you would like to find out more details about the Thursday Adult Pottery Studio course please click here.

Included in the price

The fee for this trial class covers tuition and all materials. Shared tools, aprons and towels are provided. Firing fees are not included. We encourage everyone to practice, experiment, learn and enjoy!

Firing Fees

In the Thursday evening Adult Pottery Studio course, there is a charge for firing additional to the course cost. This system helps us to keep the per-class price down. It also gives you the freedom to practice and experiment as much as you like, before deciding which pieces you want to keep, whilst also doing our bit for the environment! This charge is £1 per 100g of weight of your finished work. The price includes both the bisque and the glaze firings. Our firing fees are not for profit. The work is weighed before the first firing. Firing fees can be paid at your class by cash or card.

Deposit for the course

If you would like to join the Thursday Adult Pottery studio course in the Spring Term 2020, purchasing this class will act as a deposit to reserve your place in the course. You must however pay for the remainder of the course before you leave at the end of your trial class, or your place will be released. We accept payment by cash or card at the class.


If you are unable to join us for the rest of the course to finish your work for yourself, we have a number of options for you:

BISQUE: £5 for up to two pieces.
Bisque (one firing) only. Size restrictions apply. Turn your clay work into ceramics. We tidy the base of each pot, inscribe your name (thrown work) and fire it for you. Bisqued work can be painted in acrylics, oils, wall paint, or bake-on-in-the-oven ceramic paints. Bisqued work is also ready for glazing.

BISQUE AND DIP GLAZE: £10 for up to two pieces.
We tidy the base, inscribe your name (thrown work), bisque, dip in transparent glaze and glaze fire. Size restrictions apply. Comes out beautiful, shiny and delicious. Food safe, oven safe and water proof.

DROP IN CLASS: £35 – £40 per person for 2 / 2.5 hour class.
Attend a drop in class in the Adult Pottery Studio, available on Monday mornings, Friday mornings and Friday evenings. Gives you the opportunity to tidy (trim) the bases of thrown work, make additions such as handles, decorate in colourful style with slips. Or if you have already opted for the bisque firing, this class can be used to glaze your work.

WORK INDEPENDENTLY: £15 per person per hour
Book an Independent Pottery session
 (experienced potters/ returning students only)
. This session does not include teaching and you must complete an induction at your first session. Flexible times and dates.

INDEPENDENT GLAZING: £15 per person per hour.
If you have opted for the £5 bisque firing and want to come back to glaze your work, book a Pottery Glaze and Fire Independent session. Includes 10 minute introduction to glazing and use of a wide range of bright, coloured glazes. For anyone who enjoys flexibility and doesn’t need a whole two and a half hours to glaze their work. Flexible times and dates. The glazing session should be booked to occur 1 month (4 weeks) after your trial class.

BESPOKE CLASS: From £45 per hour.
Work with your own private pottery teacher. We offer a range of bespoke pottery classes tailored to your interests and skill level.

Collecting your work

If you have opted to have your work fired, the finished work will be ready to collect 4 weeks after your trial class. Please check with your teacher or contact us for pottery collection times.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t leave your trial class without telling your tutor which option you would like to opt for. If you have paid for firings, you will be given an ID number that will be used to track your work. We do not store unfinished damp work unless you have purchased and specified what you would like to happen next.

Who teaches the course

The course tutor is Emilia Radlinska.