Schools and Community

Kite Studios has worked with many local primary and secondary schools (KS1, KS2 and KS3), community organisations and companies in and around West London.

We have delivered a wide range of projects in the past including playground murals, whole school projects, ‘nurture’ groups for vulnerable children and after school clubs. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any invitations or proposals to collaborate – please contact us at

For example, we are currently delivering projects in several local schools commissioned by West London Zone. Previously we have been commissioned by LBH&F to deliver projects to 16 schools as part of the Extended Services Department for Family Learning. We have delivered projects at the Victoria & Albert Museum, with Groundwork and further afield at the Discover Children’s Centre, Stratford.

As well as the obvious benefits of art education, we support work experience and employment opportunities for young people, providing a springboard for their future prospects. We particularly value and enjoy delivering projects that engage members of the community who would not otherwise have ready access to art education.

Our particular areas of interest are;

  • hosting small ‘nurture’ groups (up to 16) at Kite Studios during the school day or after school; these offer the opportunity for selected children to develop skills and build self esteem and confidence in a supportive environment within our fully equipped arts and pottery studios
  • whole school projects (e.g. Arts Week wall mural over the course of a week on-site at school)

We have a long standing partnership with The Good Shepherd RC Primary School. Each year we devise a project working with the teachers. This allows us to focus on an area of the curriculum that can be enhanced by the experience of the children working on projects in the studio.

We currently deliver the West London Free School Secondary after school Art Club.

Each project needs to be self-funded and the costings will obviously depend on the venue, duration, numbers of students, materials, teacher/parent support. We can tailor our proposal to the particular needs and budget available.

Schools and Organisations we have previously worked with

American School
Ark Byron
Ark Conway
Ark Primary Priory Academy
Bute House
Carlotta Addison Primary School
Derwent Water
Flora Gardens Primary school
Frances King School of English
Harmony Nursery
International Community School
John Betts Primary School
Mace Nursery
Maples Nursery
Miles Coverdale
Newpark nursery
Normand Croft Community School
Southfields Primary
St Peters CE
St Stephens School
Stepping Stones Nursery
Strand on the Green
Sulivan Primary School
Wendell Park Primary
West London Free School
Westside Academy Trust

Primary Schools Other Organisations
Bentworth Primary School
Brackenbury Primary School
Greenside Primary School
The Good Shepherd RC Primary School
Wendell Park Primary School
Melcombe Primary School
New King’s Primary School
Queens Manor Primary School
Queens Mill Primary School
Holy Cross Primary School
Pope John RC Primary School
Southall Primary School
St Paul’s Primary School
St Stephen’s Primary School
Sullivan Primary School
Kenmont Primary School
Wormholt Primary School
Sullivan School
Crowland Primary School
St. Thomas A Beckett
Creative Partnerships
Victoria and Albert Museum
Craft Council
Hammersmith and Fulham extended services
The Big Lottery
The Garage – Norwich
Healthy Planet
Shutter Art
West London Action for Children
Beauchamp Lodge
Early Years
Kay Rowe Nursery School and Children’s Centre
Stepping Stones Nursery
Vanessa Nursery School
Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre
Independent Schools
Kew College
Notting Hill Preparatory School
The Dominie
Jacques Prévert French School
Emerson House