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Auriol Herford – Founder

Auriol Herford

Auriol Herford

Combining a creative path with family and Kite Studios has become integral to my own practice. The process of making is what fascinates me and the outcome is a bonus. What motivates me, is finding ways to enable people of all ages, needs and abilities to come on board and engage in that process without fear.

The imagery I use is often guided by the narrative of a story – I find fairytales constantly inspiring. I create a lot from observation, be it a landscape, person or thing. I let it distill and then, when I set myself a brief, I trust being in the moment as a way of drawing it out, quite literally. I like to work in all kinds of materials from felt tips that don’t work, to homemade woade dye to paint and clay.

 I find I thrive when I have an external push, whether it be a commission or a collaborative project, as this can catalyse new ideas and approaches.

Teaching has been my vocation ever since I can remember. Creating Kite was a vision that allowed the expression of a huge amount of creative freedom and I wanted to set up this platform to share it with others, with inclusivity embedded in our ethos so that all those with barriers can equally access this creative oasis.