Parties are hosted for children over the age of 3.

Times, Duration & Pricing

Children’s birthday parties take place during term time on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The parties start at 13:00 and run for 2 hours until 15:00 with a 15-minute break. Most families bring their own refreshments and cake but these can be provided by us upon request at an additional cost.

Art Parties Saturday: £20 per child
Art Parties Sunday: £25 per child

Pottery Parties Saturday: £30 per child
Pottery Parties Sunday: £35 per child

What We Do

Your child will never forget the birthday they spent with their friends at Kite Studios getting covered in paint, mushing around with clay or creating something from the depths of their imagination. Our Children’s Birthday Parties package is a fully customised, fun and engaging way for children to experience the creative freedom that Kite Studios encourages with all of their closest friends. Not only will we throw your child the best party they’ve ever had, we’ll theme it exactly as they’d like. With themes ranging from Treasure Islands to Wonderful Winged Creatures to Pop Art Profiles and pottery at the wheel – we have experience putting together an assortment of memory-building creative dreamscapes that serve as a great way for your child to have a fun birthday party while also learning new creative skills. Finally, all of the children are able to take home their creations at the end of the party – a great way to foster the awesome memories created at Kite Studios.

Who Hosts the Session

The sessions are hosted by different staff depending on the session type.