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Emilia at Kite Studios

Emilia at Kite Studios

Emilia Radlinska, polish born Australian artist. Ceramics graduate from the Australian National University in 2002, living and working as a practicing artist and teacher in the UK since 2006.

I create wheel thrown ceramics, functional and decorative porcelain and stoneware. I am a ceramic artist and teacher. I love to make and to share my experience and joy of making with others.

My work explores the ephemeral qualities of memory. Moments in our memory are remade every time we recall them. What is lost from our memories is lost from our lives, while people and objects lost in time can live on in our memories.

I am a collector of objects, linking each with a part of my life, so they become a kind of time line that anchors me to existence. There is something of the captured moment in the art of making, something that flows, yet is set in a single moment of time. The work is fluid, like the moment of creation on the potter’s wheel, and then it solidifies into an object that can live on beyond us, taking that moment of creation for ever with it.

My work is ergonomic. It is designed to be individual, personal, tactile and to be held by human hands.