Our Art Explore course is for adult learners at all levels of art practice.

We welcome complete beginners without any formal art training as well as those with experience who are looking to develop their practice, who are returning to art after a long break or who are looking to experiment with new media.

We offer a friendly, informal and supportive environment.

Timings and Format

The Art Explore course is taught every Thursday during term time with a one week break at half term.

For the time being, Auriol will be teaching this course via Zoom from her studio space in Kemerton. You will need to download the Zoom app onto your phone or ipad or computer (the larger the screen, the better!) to access the class but you do not need to have your own Zoom account. If you need help, please contact us.

Auriol has a camera set up so that everyone can see her work in progress and watch her demonstrate techniques and show examples.

As well as interacting over zoom in this live class, you will be invited to join the class whatsapp group to post images of your work and share links to work of other artists for inspiration.

Art Explore: what we do

The Art Explore course offers instruction in a wide range of approaches and skills exploring various tools, techniques and materials. We learn traditional fine art skills including painting and drawing from observation. Painting media include watercolour, acrylics and oils. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to lots of different art materials, we can help you improvise and experiment with what you have.

This course creates space for artistic freedom and encourages creativity, self-expression and confidence building in a non-judgemental creative space.

Each term we draw on a different theme as inspiration. We focus on exploring the artistic process and experimentation.

Each project in the class has clear parameters so that everyone is able to leave each week with a sense of both accomplishment and progress.

At the end of each term we often organise an informal exhibition so that you have the opportunity to present the works you have created during the term.

Book a block of six or choose individual dates

You can choose to book a single class, several classes or a block of six classes. You are welcome to join at any point in the term.

Who teaches the course

This course is taught by Auriol Herford


I don’t have any formal art training and I’m really enjoying drawing from observation and using paint.

Auriol is a fantastic teacher – she is always so positive and encouraging.

I’ve had loads of unused art materials in my cupboard for ages and this class has prompted me to finally get them out and experiment. The zoom sessions have been a real highlight of my week during lockdown.