Step into a world of creativity and exploration with this pottery class tailored for children! Delve into the exciting realm of clay where imagination knows no bounds. From the thrill of shaping clay on the potter’s wheel to the joy of experimenting with different hand-building techniques, every session is a journey of discovery and fun. With access to the kiln, your child can witness their creations transform, but the real magic lies in the process itself—the laughter, the experimentation, and the pure enjoyment of creating something truly unique. Join us as we celebrate the art of pottery-making and the endless possibilities it brings!


We offer courses aimed towards Primary and Secondary school aged children.

Times and Duration

These courses are taught on Fridays during term time, for a duration of 10 to 12 weeks, depending on the length of the school term. There is a one week break at half term. Classes are 1 hour long but there are options to extend the length of the booking subject to demand.

Included in the price

Trial session : £20
Block of 10 : £200

The price of this class includes all material and firing (for work in clay) costs.

Try one class

If your child would like to try one session before deciding if he or she would like to join us for the course please email for more information on availability and pricing.

Covid safety

Please note that due to increased safety measures the participant numbers for this class have been dramatically reduced. This will enable everyone to work together safely in the studio whilst practising social distancing. These smaller class sizes also give our art teachers the opportunity to provide more intensive personalised tutorage within the session. This also enables us to be as inclusive as possible as we are able to provide more individualised learning and support – something that will make engagement better for everyone.

All children will wash their hands upon entering the studio. We also provide hand sanitiser at the front door. When dropping off or collecting your child, to allow for social distancing, we ask that you wait in the street outside the studios (call buzzer 5). A member of staff will meet you there when you arrive.

We keep class sizes small to allow for social distancing. We trust that if any learner or anyone in their household is exhibiting symptoms of Covid 19 or has had a positive Covid test, the learner will not be attending. Please contact us on if this is the case. It may be possible to re-arrange attendance for another class once the self isolation period is over.