Our very popular, Art in a Story workshop is differentiated by age and ability. We have content to match different levels for the age range.

Key Stage and Age Group

Stage: Foundation, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2

Age Group: 2 to 10 years

Times and Duration

We work with you to create a schedule where we deliver the art workshops. Working with the class teachers we can tailor the class material to tie into the curriculum topic being taught at the time.

Duration is typically 1 hour of contact time. This excludes any preparation needed before and after the class.

What We Do

Much more than just a visual art course, its a performance! School can invite parents if they choose.  They are also welcome to join in and learn about tuning into children. We do art in a story combining yoga, songs, painting and puppets.

This workshop inspires both children, teachers and parents to look at the world creatively. The workshop explores new  materials, techniques, song and movement all in the context of a story e.g. The Little Red Hen.

At the end of the class the children have something to take home and become confident in narrating the story. We can also provide a photo book to enhance the experience. This can be added to the above class.

Who Teaches the Class

The class is taught by art teachers from Kite Studios. We work closely with the head and class teacher to ensure the content fits into the topic being taught at the time.


We charge between £180 to £280 depending on the duration and number of children being taught. This includes art materials, preparation time, travel and setup and clear up.