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Please help us out, our storage is full! Please come and collect your work as soon as possible. please get in touch on

When will it be ready?

Any work made or glazed in one of our pottery classes at Kite Studios will be ready to collect one month after the class in which you made or glazed it.

Please note, we are unable to contact you individually to inform you that pieces are ready for collection. If work is not collected within two months there is no guarantee we will keep hold of it due to limited storage space.

Fired work collections: Please have your ID number ready

Work made in bespoke classes and parties

If you are collecting work made during a bespoke class (such as the Throw and Bisque Fire, a pottery party or Novice Night) please have your ID number ready (it is a three digit number you would have been allocated at your class). If you have misplaced your ID number, or weren’t issued with one, please email us at and let us know a) name of the person who booked the class or b) the date of your class and we will be able to look up the number for you.

Work made during Clay Camp

If you are collecting work from Clay Camp, please email us on and let us know a) name of the person who booked the class b) name of the child’s parent/ guardian (if different) c) date or dates your child attended on. d) your child’s/ children’s  name/s. We will then be able to look up your ID number/s for you.

Work made during term time courses

If you are collecting work made during a trial class or a regular term time class such as Intensive Throwing or Create in Clay with the Pottery Wheel, or work made in an independent pottery session, you will need to enter the pottery studio and have a look on your class shelves. Work has been sorted according to class code and labelled with initials. If you did not sign your work then it may be found in the “unnamed work” section. If you have unfinished work in our damp boxes, please collect that also. You can store it at home in an airtight container to keep it damp, or opt to have us trim and fire it for you at the cost of one class credit. We are also offering online classes if you would like tuition to finish your work at home.

Your ID number

You will have been allocated a unique customer ID number at your class. It is super important that you take note of this and quote it when you come to collect your work. Classes in which ID numbers are allocated include:

Can I call ahead?

Most certainly. In fact, we advise it, please contact us. Please let us know you are coming, quote your ID number, so that we can double check that it is ready and have it out waiting for you in reception. It takes some time to retrieve it from our store room, so it is best to let us know on the day to expect you. Please note that if you arrive outside of our collection times, our teachers may not be able to leave their class to help you. During evening collection times we are unfortunately unable to answer calls or emails, as our reception is closed.

Please note that our collection times generally do not change overly from term to term. If you’re uncertain, please get in touch just to double check.

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