Since 2004, we have worked with many different schools and educational organisations. We have many years of experience running art classes for children, from classes in schools, after school clubs, teacher master classes, regular courses, community outreach events and festivals.

For example our very popular, Art in a Story workshop is applicable for different ages and abilities, targeting pre schools and up to key stage 1. We’ve seen that it forms a great model that suits collaborations between parents, carers and the children.

The nurture program we’ve run at Wendell Park Primary is a good example of the benefits of embedding creativity into the curriculum for a given term.


From Reception to Year 11

Times and Duration

We work with the school head and class teachers to plan out a series of workshops throughout the term. Class durations can vary from 30 mins to an hour depending on the content being taught.

What We Do

The Creative Curriculum program is a means of introducing art-focused teaching at schools. The program is facilitated by Kite Studios through agreements with local schools. The classes within the program focus on developing core art skills like concepts relating to complimentary colours, composition and drawing from observation.

These concepts are largely taught through pupils practicing themselves, with intervention from Kite Studios staff where necessary. The idea is that pupils should be following their creativity when solving problems. Kite Studios are firm in the belief and have witnessed first-hand that an extension of the creative curriculum more often than not leads to an improvement in other unrelated academic areas.

The focus of the Creative Curriculum program is to do just that – solidify and expand on the creative knowledge and ability that learners already have and – in addition – watch as learners improve in other subjects.

Who Teaches the Class

The classes are taught by Kite Studios art teachers in collaboration with the school teachers.