Our online Easter Holiday 2020 workshops are for all ages and abilities.

Times and Duration

Holiday workshops are hosted at Kite Studios over the term time holidays. These are during February half-term, May, Summer Holiday, October half-term and December.

What We Do

The Holiday Workshops are an assortment of different classes that take place for the duration of a holiday period at Kite Studios and, in the case of All-Day Classes, at different locations. The classes vary greatly in how they are taught, what mediums are used and what learners are intended to take away after the class. One thing that all of our Holiday Workshops classes have in common is that they are solely for the enjoyment of the learners participating. We want children to forget everything that goes on throughout the year at school, really unwind and give their brains a chance to be creative for hours on end. Kite Studios maintain a strong philosophy that anybody but especially children are better off for their ability to draw, paint or create without boundaries. We would like to encourage and grow this unfiltered ability and believe that our Holiday Workshops are an excellent opportunity to do so.

Who Teaches the Class

The classes are hosted by different staff depending on the class type.