In brief

This course is for adult learners. The Intensive Throwing course is designed to hone and develop your throwing skills at a rapid pace. If you have ever wanted to work on the potter’s wheel or want to expand your existing throwing skills, this is the course for you.

Times and Duration

This course runs on Tuesday evenings during term time, from 7pm till 9pm. Two courses run consecutively. Each consists of either five or six classes, depending on the length of the school term. Each class is 2 hours long. For the schedule, please see our Term Timetable (Term Time & Holidays link Above) for term dates. Regular classes do not run during the half term break.

The next two courses are six weeks long. The first is starting on Tuesday 10th September and runs till Tuesday 14th October 2019 inclusive. The following course starts on 29th October and runs till 10th December 2019 inclusive.  There is no class on Tuesday 3rd December, allowing time for your work to dry and be bisque fired.

Try it

We offer trial classes in the first two weeks of every course. Attending a trial class gives you the opportunity to sample the course and see if you like it before you commit.

There is only one trial class available per person per course. It is not possible to attend this course on a drop in basis.

If you book a trial class, please be aware that making pottery on the wheel is a multi-step process. At the end of one class you can expect to have made a number of pieces, however, you may still like to trim these and glaze them so that they are nicely finished. This is not included in the trial class price, because it is not possible to do so within the time allotted. You may choose to have the work fired as is, as that is included in the course price. If you are unable to commit to the rest of the course, please see below for options.

Keeping that in mind, the main aim of this course is not to produce lots of work, but to improve your skills so that you can produce work to a higher standard. This requires some time and practice. We have specialist teaching methods to achieve this, so if you choose to engage in the process, you may not necessarily be keeping the work you make while you are developing your skills and muscle memory.

Course Description

This is a short, intensive course, with bespoke tuition aimed at your personal level. From the moment you come in, you are at the wheel. We have designed a specialised series of fun excercises to improve your throwing fast!

Time to yourself in our beautiful courtyard garden studio, to forget about the outside world and leave your worries behind. There is no time for your mind to wander, as throwing requires your focused attention. For anyone with a busy life, you will appreciate and love this mindful, restful and methodical way of working. An ideal creative outlet.

Beginners to clay work will start off learning how to throw cylindrical shapes, practicing centering, opening and pulling and will eventually move on to throw more complex shapes. Learners with more experience will be given agency to explore their creativity. The teacher will support you working towards a specific project, with specialised professional tuition, to find the techniques that best suit what you would like to create.

Apart from throwing, we cover trimming (turning) on the potter’s wheel, to refine the forms you throw. Additions such as making handles are demonstrated on request. There is no decorating component to this course, however the studio is fully equipped for this purpose and various decorating techniques using slips and glazes will be demonstrated on request.

Included in the price

This is a premium course. The fee for this course includes all materials and firings. Shared tools, aprons and towels are provided. The class size is small with a maximum of seven students, and you are guaranteed a wheel every evening and personalised support from the teacher.


You are also welcome to complement this course by booking time at drop in classes, which are available at Kite Studios on Fridays, should decorating techniques be something that you would like to spend more time on developing. Also open to anyone wanting to learn how to trim and decorate work made in their trial class.

We also offer independent pottery sessions. These are available for booking throughout the week and weekend. Independent pottery sessions give anyone enrolled in our pottery courses the opportunity for throwing and trimming practice to consolidate what you have learned, and to spend more time on decorating and glazing. (Please note that fees apply for extra drop in class/ independent pottery session bookings, they are not included in the Intensive Throwing course price).

Course Tutor

The course tutor is Emilia Radlinska.

Pricing options

Option 1: £5 for up to two pieces
Have the base of your work tidied, your name inscribed and the pieces bisque fired. Ready to collect one month after your trial class.

Option 2: £10 for up to two pieces
Option 1 plus have your work dipped in transparent glaze and glaze fired. Ready to collect one month after your trial class.

Option 3: £15 per person per hour
Glaze and fire independent.
If you choose option 1, you may like to come back and glaze your work yourself. You will have a choice of a wide range of brush on colour glazes. This option includes a 10 minute introduction to glazing and the glaze firing, but the rest of the time you will work independently. This must be booked to fall between 4 and 8 weeks after your trial class. This includes the cost for glaze firing up to two pieces.

Option 4: starting from £45 per hour
Private and bespoke classes. Work with your own private pottery teacher at a time and day of your choosing. We have a wide range of options available and can cater to your skill level and specific project requests.