These sessions are intended for groups of nine (9) individuals or more.

Times and Duration

The sessions are by booking only and are available upon request. Please feel free to contact us to chat about the options and dates available as well as the associated costs.

What We Do

The Team Building sessions hosted at Kite Studios are intended to bring teams or groups together in a creative environment where they are free to create and bounce ideas off of one another without the pressure of producing anything other than what their creativity allows for. The sessions are seen as a way for colleagues, friends, or families to engage in an environment that is new to all of them, removing the pressure of any existing relationships and setting everyone on an even path to work together in creating something amazing. In addition to bringing teams together, the Team Building sessions provide a great platform for adults to learn a new skill while working alongside one another. It is a unique experience and something outside of what teams or groups would normally be exposed to. Kite Studios prides itself on presenting interesting and engaging sessions that are sure to provide everyone with something new to take away over and above the benefit of strengthening their team.

Who Hosts the Sessions

The sessions are hosted by different staff depending on the session type.